Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Your Favorite Free Pattern and Where to Donate

I have tried this before and gotten very little response but I'll try again. On my Crafter's Favorite Patterns blog I list free online patterns that people have made and liked. Every time I ask, someone sends me a link to another list of patterns. This really defeats the purpose of the blog. It's supposed to be a list of tried and true patterns, any craft or pattern is acceptable but please keep it to patterns you have tried. Just post a comment here or on the Favorites blog under the appropriate section.
The Where to Donate blog lists places to donate handcrafted items by state, so let me know about your group or where you donate locally.


Anonymous said...

Not sure how to add this, but I particularly like this knitted dishcloth:

bevq said...

Hi Anon
That pattern for a dishcloth does look really nice and I am going to give it a try using Sugar and Cream cotton.

Deb - I am not sure if you have this pattern of mine already to link to or not.

I know soon so many of these hats mittens and scarves will be needed by children all over the world.