Sunday, February 17, 2008

Just Rambling 2/17/2008

I'm still in a slump! I've actually been reading a lot the past two weeks. I did get a couple more scarves done and of course I have been doing the hats and yo-yos for the Lenten challenge.

I recieved two packages this week, one is a drawing prize I got from my kaps_4_karing group. It was three pattern books and I'm already making a list of the yarn I need for several of the patterns. The other package was some donated squares for the All_Crafts_4_Charity. I'm signed up there as a joiner for special group projects. This is separate from the 6" squares I've been requesting for my projects.

One of the projects in the book I got are these really adorable sunflower sweaters for little girls. I'm so glad I do all this for charity since I don't have a little girl to make these things for and my grandsons would look kind of silly in sunflowers and I really want to make one.

Today is the day for tying quilts. I have two (one almost finished) to do for the CraftingForACause group and the top I finished last week.

I know I talk a lot about my Yahoo groups. That's because I like participating in the projects and challenges they have. It also gives me a lot of resources for patterns, information on various charities, as well as a connection to others with similar interests. If your interested in those things also, try joining one or two.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

No Hearts and Flowers Quilt Top

This is what I have been working on all day. I called it the "No Hearts and Flowers" quilt because I choose the fabrics with a little boy in mind. This particular quilt is earmarked for Project Linus.

Just Rambling 2/10/2008

So much to do, so little time, I really thought I was going to get two days off this week, but I just got a call from my job and I have to work tomorrow. I had a lot planned, some of it things I won't be able to do today because it's Sunday. I was going to take my DD out to lunch tomorrow. She can't go today because of other obligations. I've been trying since her Bday in Nov. to take her out but our schedules just won't cooperate.

I am in need of more 6" squares for my blankets. I just finished joining the blanket above from squares donated by Lady M and have started on another. I have some squares already but they're not all playing nice together. The blankets I make from donated squares go to such charities as Pine Ridge Reservation and Project Linus as well as others. I prefer crocheted and bright kid friendly colors or pastels.
I've been keeping my promise to make one hat and one yo-yo a day for lent. I've actually made more (nobody can make just one) but I have to make one of each everyday no matter how many I made yesterday. I haven't done a whole lot more than that lately, I actually read a book the other day, I seem to be in a little slump. Maybe it's because it's February, that's always seemed like a really depressing month.
I know I have more to say, every time I write one of these just rambling posts I know I've forgotten something, but I think that does it for this time unless I remember something else. Happy crafting to all and I hope everyone has a nice Valentines day.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

40 in 40 Lent Challenge

In a couple of my Yahoo Groups they are having a forty items in forty days challenge that starts today (Feb 6) and lasts until the end of Lent. I have pledged 40 baby hats in Bevs-Charity-Challenge and 40 crocheted yo-yo's (small crocheted circles) in Crafting for a Cause.

You don't have to be in either of these groups to participate in this challenge (Although I highly recommend both). All you need to do is decide what your going to make 40 of for charity and make one every day!

The pattern for the yo-yo's is here. If you don't want to join them yourself join Crafting For A Cause (LOL).

A Day for Quilting

Finally!! I have a day where I have nothing else to do! I have several quilting projects that I need to work on.

I have two quilt tops I'm tying for my CraftingForA Cause group. One of them is almost finished so I should be able to finish it today.

I also have two string quilts I'm working on for Project Linus. One of the ladies in my Heartstrings Quilt Project group sent me a flat rate box stuffed full of fabric that I need to cut into strings. I have a couple other string quilts planned but not started.

The blocks in the picture are for a "no hearts and flowers" quilt. I wanted to make something a little more suitable for a boy so I just chose fabric with no hearts or flowers. One of the quilts I have planned is an all hearts quilt. I have a lot of fabric with hearts to work with so that one will be the next one I start on.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Countdown to Goals and Pledges 2008 Feb

At the beginning of this year I wrote in a post what my goals were for this year and this month, I am making an ongoing post rather than making new ones to update every week. I will simply copy and paste when it falls off the front page so you can see my progress.

Total Items for 2008 - 1000
Made so far 160
Blankets for 2008 - 100
Made so far 2
Hats for 2008 (not baby hats) 100
Made so far 9
Baby items for 2008 200
Made so far 77
Warm scarves for Pine Ridge Reservation 12 by end of Feb.
Made so far 9
Lenten Challenge for Bevs-Charity-Challenge 40 baby hats
Made so far 17
Lenten Challenge Crafting For A Cause 40 crocheted yo-yos
Made so far 31

Open-Heeled Preemie Booties Free Crochet Pattern


Many NICU's prefer open heeled booties for the preemies because they are easier to put on tiny feet. This is a smaller version of the newborn booties I posted the pattern for here.

Preemie booties are usually 1 1/2 to 3" long. I used a size E hook and baby sport yarn for these and mine came out to 2", you can change the size by changing the hook and/or yarn for different size preemies.

Ch 3 at beginning of each rd counts as 1 dc

Ch 4 and sl st to form loop.

Rd 1; ch 3 and 9 dc in loop. (10 sts)

Rd 2; ch 3 *2 dc in next stitch dc in next repeat from * (15 sts)

Rd 3; dc in each dc


Row 1 ch 3, dc in all but 1 dc, do not join

Row 2-3 Ch 3 and turn, dc in each dc


Row 1 ch3, working on side of dc in heel, 6 dc evenly spaced down side, dc in the dc left open, 6 dc evenly spaced on other side

Row 2 ch 3 and turn, dc in each dc

Row 3 ch1, sc in same sp as ch1, *sk 1 dc shell (sc, 2dc in same stitch) in next dc, repeat from * around, sk dc, sc

For ties either ch 70 for tie or you can use ribbon. Tie should be threaded so that it ties in the back.

Just Rambling 2/3/2008

There's not a lot going on. I brought back 10 IV covers, 5 scarves and 5 prs of open-heeled preemie booties from this week at work. It looks like my work schedule may be getting back to normal for awhile so (i'm not holding my breath though) I may have more time for sewing and quilting.

I'm going to be posting the pattern for the booties very shortly, they are open-heeled to make it easier for the nurses to get the booties on little tiny feet. I started with my bootie pattern from the sweater set and played with it a bit until I got it right.

Three of the scarves were fun fur scarves, I really love the way they come out. Working the fun fur with another strand of yarn really makes these scarves warm.

Kid's IV Covers

I came across this really neat pattern for IV covers for kids in the hospital! They are so easy to make, I made like 7 or 8 of them yesterday in my spare time! They cover up the IV needle so the kids don't have to look at the yucky needle all day. This pattern (and a lot of others) can be found here on BevsCountryCottage