Sunday, February 3, 2008

Open-Heeled Preemie Booties Free Crochet Pattern


Many NICU's prefer open heeled booties for the preemies because they are easier to put on tiny feet. This is a smaller version of the newborn booties I posted the pattern for here.

Preemie booties are usually 1 1/2 to 3" long. I used a size E hook and baby sport yarn for these and mine came out to 2", you can change the size by changing the hook and/or yarn for different size preemies.

Ch 3 at beginning of each rd counts as 1 dc

Ch 4 and sl st to form loop.

Rd 1; ch 3 and 9 dc in loop. (10 sts)

Rd 2; ch 3 *2 dc in next stitch dc in next repeat from * (15 sts)

Rd 3; dc in each dc


Row 1 ch 3, dc in all but 1 dc, do not join

Row 2-3 Ch 3 and turn, dc in each dc


Row 1 ch3, working on side of dc in heel, 6 dc evenly spaced down side, dc in the dc left open, 6 dc evenly spaced on other side

Row 2 ch 3 and turn, dc in each dc

Row 3 ch1, sc in same sp as ch1, *sk 1 dc shell (sc, 2dc in same stitch) in next dc, repeat from * around, sk dc, sc

For ties either ch 70 for tie or you can use ribbon. Tie should be threaded so that it ties in the back.


Anonymous said...

These booties are wonderful! My daughter was born at 12 weeks early...she was given a pair of booties and a beanie. She wore the beanie all the time but never the booties because of all the wires! Ive never made booties because of that reason, I love to make preemie hats, and now i can make the booties to match. Thank you so much for offering this pattern. I have already made two matching sets with your booties!

Ally said...

Great pattern! They were really easy to make and I plan to make lots more to donate. I'm also using your Never Ending Square pattern for my son's 3rd birthday blanket and to make Lapghans for my local nursing home. Thanks for sharing these patterns!

Debby said...

I am attempting to make preemie booties for the first time. I don't understand the part of the pattern that becomes the cuff. Could someone explain it to me, please? Thanks

DebsCrafts said...

When you get to the cuff you are going to be crocheting into the sides of the double crochets for the last 3 rows that formed the heels. So your going to basically do 2 dc in the side of each dc. Then there should be 1 stitch left open from the toe dc in that, then 2 dc in side of each dc on the other side. If this doesn't help let me know.


Crazee4Crochet said...

This is a great pattern. I have been looking for a pattern that I didn't have to worry about if it would fit correctly. And if i want to close the back, I can just make an extra row or two and stitch it up. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Deb - Hi - I'm new with this type of bootie, too. Is the back completely open and the tie holds it together? I don't follow the reply to Debby just reading it but will try doing it.


DebsCrafts said...

Yes the back is completely open and the tie holds it together.

Em's Little Gems said...

I'd love to add these to my collection that I'll be donating to hospitals all over Australia for their premature babies. Great idea for the open-heel. I will find your facebook page and add pictures for you once I make some. :)

Anonymous said...

Love this pattern! I am on my 3rd pair! (for donations so making a LOT) I was confused on the first bootie since it doesn't say to join. Thank you for providing this pattern for free! <3