Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just Rambling 2/10/2008

So much to do, so little time, I really thought I was going to get two days off this week, but I just got a call from my job and I have to work tomorrow. I had a lot planned, some of it things I won't be able to do today because it's Sunday. I was going to take my DD out to lunch tomorrow. She can't go today because of other obligations. I've been trying since her Bday in Nov. to take her out but our schedules just won't cooperate.

I am in need of more 6" squares for my blankets. I just finished joining the blanket above from squares donated by Lady M and have started on another. I have some squares already but they're not all playing nice together. The blankets I make from donated squares go to such charities as Pine Ridge Reservation and Project Linus as well as others. I prefer crocheted and bright kid friendly colors or pastels.
I've been keeping my promise to make one hat and one yo-yo a day for lent. I've actually made more (nobody can make just one) but I have to make one of each everyday no matter how many I made yesterday. I haven't done a whole lot more than that lately, I actually read a book the other day, I seem to be in a little slump. Maybe it's because it's February, that's always seemed like a really depressing month.
I know I have more to say, every time I write one of these just rambling posts I know I've forgotten something, but I think that does it for this time unless I remember something else. Happy crafting to all and I hope everyone has a nice Valentines day.


paperpest said...

You did a beautiful job joining the squares together. I was in a crochet slump for years and all of a sudden feel revived. In the meantime I've been cardmaking, scrapbooking and beading.

Sharon said...

Nice job! I really like the granny verigated, and then the straight dc border in a solid color. Thanks for the great idea.

A Musician by Grace

Thata said...

So Lovely, I love the colours you choose and the blanket is so neatly. Granny is never die..
Thanks for sharing

Carol E. said...

That's a beautiful blanket!

Bernadette said...

I love the way you joined the squares together. Could you share how you did it ? The holes after each square remind me of the holes you see in a sand dollar.


Deb Upcycles said...

I did the yellow border by doing a dc in every dc and in every space for a solid border rather than the granny type. In every corner I did 2dc ch2 and 2dc. These corner spaces coming together gives it the effect you mention. I usually do my by holding right sides together and sc in back loops of each stitch.

Bernadette said...

Bless your heart Deb, thanks for the instructions. I am making an afghan for my best friend in squares. I hope it turns out as pretty as yours!