Sunday, February 3, 2008

Just Rambling 2/3/2008

There's not a lot going on. I brought back 10 IV covers, 5 scarves and 5 prs of open-heeled preemie booties from this week at work. It looks like my work schedule may be getting back to normal for awhile so (i'm not holding my breath though) I may have more time for sewing and quilting.

I'm going to be posting the pattern for the booties very shortly, they are open-heeled to make it easier for the nurses to get the booties on little tiny feet. I started with my bootie pattern from the sweater set and played with it a bit until I got it right.

Three of the scarves were fun fur scarves, I really love the way they come out. Working the fun fur with another strand of yarn really makes these scarves warm.

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