Sunday, January 27, 2008

Crocheted Newborn Sweater Set Free Pattern

Although this pattern is for the sweater set in the middle, it can easily be adapted for either of the two side sets. For the white and green set simply substitute plain dc for shell rows. For the pink one on the right don't change colors. I used an H hook and sport weight yarn and get 4 dc = 1 inch. These sets are newborn size.

V stitch dc, ch1, dc in same stitch

Shell stitch sc, 3dc in same


Using contrasting color Ch 52
You are starting from the neckline
Guage 4 dc = 1 inch

Row 1: dc in forth chain from hook,(Ch 3 counts as 1st stitch here and in every row), dc in next 5 chains, V st in next ch, 9 dc, V st, 14 dc, V st, 9 dc, V st, 7 dc end

Row 2-6: join main color and ch 3, dc in each dc and V stitch in each V stitch.

Row 7:(forms the armholes) ch 3 and turn, dc to first V stitch, folding so 1st and 2nd V stitches are together dc in both to join them, dc to next V stitch and join 3rd and 4th V stitch in same manner, dc to end

Rows 8-15: ch 3 and turn, dc in each dc

Row 16; in contrasting color ch 1 and turn sc in same st as ch 1, *sk 1dc and shell in next dc, repeat until last 2 st, sc in last stitch.

Armhole pattern (optional)

Row 1; Join contrasting color to bottom of arm hole, sc in each stitch and join

Row 2; ch 1, *sk 1 sc, shell in next repeat from * join to ch 1 at beginning of row.

For ties, either ch 120 and thread through first row or you can use a length of ribbon


Rd 1; with contrasting color, ch 4 and join, ch 3 (counts as first st) 14 dc into loop (15 st) join to ch3

Rd 2; ch 3, 2dc in each dc, join to ch 3

Rd 3; ch 3, dc in same space as ch 3, *dc in next st, 2 dc in next repeat from * around

Rd 4 -10; change to main color, ch3, dc in each dc join to ch3

Rd 11; change to contrasting color, ch1, sc in same st, * sk 1 dc and shell in next dc repeat from * around, skip last dc, join to starting sc

Ch 3 at beginning of each rd counts as 1 dc
With contrasting color Ch 4 and sl st to form loop.

Rd 1; ch 3 and 11 dc in loop. (12 sts)

Change to main color
Rd 2; ch 3 *2 dc in next stitch dc in next repeat from * (18 sts)

Rds3 and 4; dc in each dc


Row 1: ch 3, dc in all but 3 dc

Row 2 -4: dc in each dc and end leaving 6 in tail of yarn

Sew back of heel together by using the back loops only

Join Main color yarn at back where it was sewn together

Rd 1: ch3, 7 dc evenly spaced down side, dc in each dc left open, 7 dc evenly spaced on other side and join

RD 2-4: dc in each dc end main color

With contrasting color
Rd 5: ch1, sc in same sp as ch1, *sk 1 dc shell in next dc, repeat from * around, sk last st and join to sc
For ties either ch 70 for tie or you can use ribbon.

Finally sending box to Baby Pack Project

The box is finally ready to send. Here is a list of whats included:


3 blankets, 1 fleece and 2 sewn

9 sweater sets including hats and booties

1 sweater and hat set

1 hat and bootie set

6 sweaters

11 hats


8 Childrens T-shirts

1 3-6 mo short set

3 prs girls underwear

1 onesie

1 newborn gift set that includes a tee shirt, 2 onesies, booties and a cap

4 Fleece blankets

More sweaters!!

I was busy making sweaters while I was gone this time! These are all for the Baby Pack Project and complete what I pledged to send. Now I will need to set my goals for February!!

Just Rambling 1/27/2008

Finally home after 11 days! I had no idea I would be gone so long this time, I was really only prepared to be gone 5 or 6 days. I did get some more items done for the Baby Pack Project and will be getting the package ready to mail out later today. I also got a scarf done for Pine Ridge Reservation. I joined some of my donated squares but ran out of yarn, will be looking through my stockpile for something appropriate later today.

On one of my "breaks" last week I was able to go to a thrift shop near my clients home and found four large bags of quilt batting!! Also a couple large bags a fabric and yarn. Now if I only had more time to sew. In my mail from last week are two quilt tops I need to tie and send back and getting the batting when I did is great timing, I won't have to buy new.

I will be posting pictures and of course the sweater set pattern I promised later today.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Next Quilt Top

These are some of the blocks for my next quilting project. I've been gone so much for my job that I have had very little time to sew. It's kind of hard to lug a sewing machine back and forth.
I figured I might as well show you what I have since it may be a very long time until it's finished.

Sweater Sets

All of these will be heading to the Baby Pack Project and I have more in the works. I'm thinking about posting the pattern to one of them so let me know, would you like to see the one for the two pink ones in the first picture (also same pattern for the purple sweater in the second one) or the lacy pattern for the pastel orange one in the second picture. I probably won't have time to get to it today and won't be home again until next week so you have plenty of time to vote. The poll is at the top of the sidebar to the right.

Just Rambling 1/15/08

A lot of things going on today. First I have some thank yous for donations;

To Nancy D. who sent me some squares she found at a yard sale, Thank you so much, I'm already planning the blankie!

To Lady M. who set out to break the record on how many squares you can fit into a flat rate box (60) Thanks!! I especially like the pastel varigated ones and they'll be the first I use.

To Chandra in IL, who sent a box of yarn, again Thank you very much, some of it will really help with the Baby Pack Project and I can use the wool for squares I'm making.

I'm making some squares for a project we're working on in Bevs-Charity-Challenge, since they'll take wool I decided to use up the wool I have making 6" squares for this project.

I've been working very hard on sweater sets for The Baby Pack Project and have a eight complete sets done. I also have more hats and another set that needs ties and ends tucked in.

Another group I'm in, CraftingForACause issued a challenge for warm scarves for Pine Ridge Reservation. So I'm going to add 12 scarves by the end of February to my goal list.

That's all for now, I'll be posting pictures of my sweater sets in a little bit.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Countdown to Goals and Pledges 2008

At the beginning of this year I wrote in a post what my goals were for this year and this month, I am making an ongoing post rather than making new ones to update every week. I will simply copy and paste when it falls off the front page so you can see my progress.

Total Items for 2008 - 1000
Made so far 93
Blankets for 2008 - 100
Made so far 0
Hats for 2008 (not baby hats) 100
Made so far 9
Baby items for 2008 200
Made so far 56
Baby items for January for Baby Pack Project 50 (some already completed before Jan. 1)
Made so far 50 Done!!
Chemo Caps for Kaps-4-Karing Yahoo Group 12 (some already completed as of Jan. 1)
Made so far 12!!!! DONE!!!
Squares for the challenge for Bevs-Charity-Challange as many as I can make with the wool yarn I have.
Made so far 14 Done!
Warm scarves for Pine Ridge Reservation 12 by end of Feb.
Made so far 6

Just Rambling 1/11/08

I received a package of yarn from Jill L. in NY and have looked all over for her email address on my computer and can't find it. I really hopes she sees this. Thank you so much Jill!!
I just got back from an eight day live-in and I am exhausted. I only have today off and I have so much to do.
I just received a Thank You note from the Cangleska, which is the women's shelter on Pine Ridge Reservation, thanking me for my last donation.
I've been able to do a few sweater sets for The Baby Pack Project and chemo caps for my pledges this month. I'll be posting pics later today. I'll have to count but I think I've got all twelve chemo caps done.
I have to go thrift shop cruising later today and need to go to WalMart for some red thread to finish some things I'm working on.
I was talking to a hospice nurse about donations of lap robes and afghans and am going to have to look into it further. Her hospice company gets enough donations but others may not. She did tell me that she preferred quilts to knitted or crocheted items for the nursing home patients because you could put their name on it and it was less likely to get lost.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Good Start to the Year

This is what I have already started for my goals for January.
In the first picture the large hats are all chemo caps done in Baby Clouds and/or Light and Lofty yarn. The pattern can be found here. The two smaller caps were done with Baby Homespun with a variation of the same pattern. The sweater set needs ribbons but was done with self striping baby yarn. It was a onsie pattern that I stopped crocheting when I got to the decreases (I didn't have a sweater pattern with me that would work) The booties used basically the same pattern as these without the color changes and the hat is just a roundie hat and something similar can be found here.
The second picture has a onesie that still needs a button band and buttons. The hats are sewn using McCall's 6818 view G. I found this pattern in a thrift shop and have no idea if it is still available. The smallest size (the white one) was a little too big so I folded the pattern a little and made the red one which was just right.

Donation squares

Just because I've finished my 25 blankets in a month challenge doesn't mean I can't still use crocheted squares. There are several charities I make blankets for on a continuous basis. They are Project Linus and Pine Ridge Reservation. Right now I am also making things for The Baby Pack Project. I also work on other projects as I become aware of the needs. I can not tell you which project your squares will go to but be assured they will go to charity.

Just Rambling 1/1/2008

Happy New Year!!

Thank you so much Carol O. from Hawaii, I recieved your squares today. Beautiful bright colors!

I can't believe I finished the 25 blankets last month. I've recieved a lot of emails all congratulating me except for one. I want to thank everyone for all their encouragement and support. Just a word to the negative email, no they weren't preemie blankets , several were too big to be called baby blankets at all, and if you had read more thoroughly you would have seen that only 3 were made out of donated squares. Ok, now that I have that off my chest on to more positive things.

I think I will pledge 50 handmade items (I'm not calling this a challenge, I drove myself nuts last month) to The Baby Pack Project, some of these are already finished (I have to count how many) and a dozen chemo caps that are being collected by my Yahoo Group Kaps_4_Karing. Again some are done already.

I am making my goal at Bevs-Charity-Challenge 1000 items for the year. This isn't as bad as it sounds since I can count each square I make as an item and then count the blanket. This was just how this group counts the items

I also set my goals for specific item as such:
100 Blankets
100 Hats
25 Hat and scarf sets
and as many baby items as I can get done.

I am still collected favorite on-line free patterns for my list of Crafter's Favorites. Any link to a free pattern that can be used for charity crafting is welcome. I just ask that it is one that you have tried and liked.