Friday, January 11, 2008

Just Rambling 1/11/08

I received a package of yarn from Jill L. in NY and have looked all over for her email address on my computer and can't find it. I really hopes she sees this. Thank you so much Jill!!
I just got back from an eight day live-in and I am exhausted. I only have today off and I have so much to do.
I just received a Thank You note from the Cangleska, which is the women's shelter on Pine Ridge Reservation, thanking me for my last donation.
I've been able to do a few sweater sets for The Baby Pack Project and chemo caps for my pledges this month. I'll be posting pics later today. I'll have to count but I think I've got all twelve chemo caps done.
I have to go thrift shop cruising later today and need to go to WalMart for some red thread to finish some things I'm working on.
I was talking to a hospice nurse about donations of lap robes and afghans and am going to have to look into it further. Her hospice company gets enough donations but others may not. She did tell me that she preferred quilts to knitted or crocheted items for the nursing home patients because you could put their name on it and it was less likely to get lost.

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