Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Newest Project

I am so glad I named this blog Deb's Crafts instead of something like Deb Crochets so I can talk about all the other crafts too. LOL The list mom in Caring For Cooper just posted a list of needs for Cooper Hospital. One of those needs was long pants for newborns, so using Simplicity pattern 3941 XS I made my first pair. It was so easy and went so fast, I'm planning to make a lot more. Now to dig through my fabric and find more that would be appropriate for baby's pants!

It's Been Awhile

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I wrote anything here. One of the reasons is because I haven't been doing any charity crafting. I saw the doctor two weeks ago and now I have to accept that my hand may never be the same. I've tried to crochet several times but it's just not happening. It's not that I can't make the proper motions, but I have little or no feeling in my thumb and first two fingers, I can't feel the yarn! Typing gets interesting too, but I can kind of do it as long as I don't use all the fingers on my left hand. The good news is, that as far as the strength and movement goes, that is slowly coming back.

So, instead of doing what I can do (loom knitting and sewing), I've been pouting because I can't do what I want to do. There, I admitted it, I've been pouting like a little girl. I have made a couple loom knit hats, I even joined a stash busting challenge at Bev's Charity Challenge, but I've done very little. I have a stack of fabric sitting on top of my (broken) washing machine, it's in piles waiting to be cut, so maybe that's what I'll do today. I owe a couple green grocery bags to people and I've even been putting that off.