Sunday, October 26, 2008

Granny's Daughters

Granny's daughters, also called saltines are small granny squares, made with just the first two rows. I'm making these for a woman in one of my Yahoo groups who makes gorgeous shawls out of them. Making these is part of my "physical therapy' for my hand. I was getting so frustrated because I wasn't able to crochet long enough to make anything bigger. These little guys take less than five minutes to make and at first finishing one was hard enough. This morning I was able to make four before it got too uncomfortable!! So I am making progress!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stash Busting!!

I'm supposed to be on a yarn diet and the pictures above are the reason why. This is only a small part of my craft room, the rest looks even worse. Shortly after I started stash busting I walked into a local thrift shop and found a lot of yarn for only 50¢ a skein which added 29 full size Red Heart Super Saver yarn, then I came across another "bargain" and added another 10 full and partial skeins of baby yarn.. It wouldn't have been so bad except I couldn't crochet for so long and thats how I use yarn up the fastest. I am keeping track at the Bev's Charity Challange Yahoo Group and have used six full and six partial skeins which doesn't even make up for the extra I bought.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Loom Knitting at the Zoo

My son is studying primatology in college. This is the study of primates (i.e. monkeys, apes and most importantly his favorite lemurs) . For one of his classes this semester he has to spend at least twenty hours watching his choice of primates (lemurs). Since he is twenty-one and still doesn't have a driver's license (long story involving an accident he was in where he went through a window) he needs a ride to the zoo. So what else can I do while he is watching the lemurs? He snapped this picture of me right outside the primate house at the St. Louis Zoo.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Practicing My Crocheting

I've been getting so frustrated trying to crochet, I decided to work on some really small things for awhile. In my Crafting For a Cause Yahoo group there are two ladies that do some really awesome things with small crocheted pieces. One collects yo-yo's (small crocheted circles) to make afghans. That's pretty easy, it's just 16 dc onto a loop. The other lady uses granny's daughter's (also called saltines) to make gorgeous shawls. All these are is the first two rows of a granny square.

I figure if I keep it small I can at least complete something in the five or ten minutes it takes before my hand starts bothering me too much. So I've set my goal for this week at finishing at least one of each every day. Wish me luck and maybe I can increase it next week!