Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Just Rambling 1/1/2008

Happy New Year!!

Thank you so much Carol O. from Hawaii, I recieved your squares today. Beautiful bright colors!

I can't believe I finished the 25 blankets last month. I've recieved a lot of emails all congratulating me except for one. I want to thank everyone for all their encouragement and support. Just a word to the negative email, no they weren't preemie blankets , several were too big to be called baby blankets at all, and if you had read more thoroughly you would have seen that only 3 were made out of donated squares. Ok, now that I have that off my chest on to more positive things.

I think I will pledge 50 handmade items (I'm not calling this a challenge, I drove myself nuts last month) to The Baby Pack Project, some of these are already finished (I have to count how many) and a dozen chemo caps that are being collected by my Yahoo Group Kaps_4_Karing. Again some are done already.

I am making my goal at Bevs-Charity-Challenge 1000 items for the year. This isn't as bad as it sounds since I can count each square I make as an item and then count the blanket. This was just how this group counts the items

I also set my goals for specific item as such:
100 Blankets
100 Hats
25 Hat and scarf sets
and as many baby items as I can get done.

I am still collected favorite on-line free patterns for my list of Crafter's Favorites. Any link to a free pattern that can be used for charity crafting is welcome. I just ask that it is one that you have tried and liked.

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