Saturday, July 5, 2008

Squares and Green Grocery Bags

I broke my wrist yesterday and although it will hopefully be healed in time to put a couple of blankets together there may be a delay for the bags. I'm supposed to see the bone doctor tomorrow so we will see what I can and can't do after it's set and put in a cast. It's only in a temporary splint now.

They have recently announced the next campaign for Afghans4Afghans. They will be collecting sweaters and blankets for children ages 7-14. I would love to be able to donate a couple blankets made from squares that my readers crocheted. I will give one of my green grocery bags to anyone who donates some squares.

Here are the specifications for the squares:
1. 8" X 8" crocheted from worsted weight yarn
2. Must be at least 75% natural animal fibers, 100% wool is preferred, machine washable is not necessary
3. No open patterns or traditional grannies, something like my square here is great
4. Bright colors!!
5. Do not cut ends close, leave at least 4" so I can weave them in

Contact me at debsstuff55 at yahoo dot com for my address. Because of my job I may not be able to answer right away but just keep working on squares until I'm able to.

There will of course be more contests to win the bags so if you don't crochet or don't wish to donate this time around you may still have a chance.

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