Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Blatant Advertising

I just wanted to get a few things straight about the advertising on my blogs. All proceeds from the advertising goes to charity in one way or the other. Mostly it goes for supplies for me to make more items to donate but occasionally I may make a cash donation. With two kids in college I just don't have the money to go to my LYS and buy all the yummy yarn I want. I have managed to keep myself supplied through thrift shops, freecycle and donations (thank you so much Joanie in LA for the great baby yarns). Here's my advertisers and how they help.
Everyone recognises Google Adsense ads. They're everywhere on the Internet. I haven't received any money from them yet since the minimum for payment is $100, but I'm getting there. I would really like to save up to buy a serger or a knitting machine with it. I haven't decided which.
I've found that ProjectWonderful is truly wonderful for the small publisher. Their minimum payment is only ten dollars and I've been able to cash out four times already. They pay straight to Paypal so I've was able to purchase the yarn for this blanket, make a ten dollar donation to charity and I just ordered a knitting loom set to make mittens with. If you want to advertise on one of my blogs or set up some advertising on your blog just go to ProjectWonderful.
One of the reasons I chose Paradise Fibers is that they donate two percent of their proceeds to maintaining fiber arts traditions. So not only are you helping me earn more yarn when you order through my link, but you are helping others also. They have a great selection of yarn and roving so check them out.
The yarn at the Loopy Ewe has me drooling, if your into knitting socks they have an absolutely gorgeous yarns. I've picked out several beautiful yarns to make hats with for kids in Afghanistan. Any money I earn there will go towards purchasing it.

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Scarlet said...

Great idea with the ads. I never thought of that. I will have to put one on my blog!
Thank you for sharing yourself with us. I read your blog daily even though I do not comment every time, I want you to know how much I enjoy it.

Thanks again,