Saturday, July 5, 2008

Just Rambling 7/5/08

I really have nothing for show and tell this time. I did finish another baby blanket from squares donated by All_Crafts_4_Charity Yahoo group for a hospital in Wyoming. All I need to do is work in the ends. I also need to work on more dishcloths for the CraftingForACause Yahoo groups challenge for this month.

I'm currently working on a rectangle shawl for the current project at Afghans 4 Afghans but it's taking me forever. The clients I've been taking care of lately give me little or no time for breaks. It is my own pattern and when I'm done I'll be posting it here.

We're having a family barbecue today. I had to work yesterday and since I'm the mom they had to wait. We'll actually be having it over at DD's house, she has a yard all I have is a 4' X 6' patio. My two college kid sons will be there too. It's not often I can get everyone together.

I've been having a blast making and giving away the green grocery bags. The latest contest to give them away will end tonight over on my Deb's Going Green blog.

I did start another blog, this one is about cooking. In my job of taking care of the elderly, one of my duties is to cook hot, nutritious meals for my clients. Often I'm faced with the problem of not having what I think I "need" for certain recipes. I've become very creative in cooking with what's on hand and this blog is about my experiences doing just that. So go take a peek at Deb Cooks and tell me what you think.

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