Saturday, July 19, 2008

Loom Knitting One Handed

I knew if I tried hard enough I would eventually find something I could do one handed. It took some work and at first it was really slow and awkward but practice makes perfect. I just needed to figure out how to prop the loom between the bandages on my arm and my body to do it. My son's helping by getting it started and tying the knot at the end. I'll have to wait awhile until I can weave in the ends, I tried but I can't quite manage that.
I had the surgery Thursday. They put a steel plate and four screws in my wrist to put it all back together, it was a pretty nasty break.
Info on loom knitting and this pattern can be found at Bev's Country Cottage


bevq said...

Deb- this is fabulous!! I knew you would figure out something. You and I are kindred spirits I think... I would go mad if I could not use my hands!

When I am working on other things with my hands, I am always so careful because I feel like a pro piano player who depends on their hands to live!

HUGS!! and prayers for speedy healing!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I had a really bad stroke almost seven years ago. I was a craft person and a musician.
I refused to let the stroke steal the things I loved so I went on a quest. tofind music I could play one handed and crafts for one hand. I can crochet,I knit with a loom, I do bead work,I weave, I learned to braid, lucet. So I am doing well. Good luck!! Riza