Monday, May 12, 2008

Ripple Stitch Afghan

This baby blanket is going to Afghans for Afghans. I bought the yarn, it's 100% wool, on Ebay. I was going to use it for hats but when I saw it, the first thing that occured to me was, Ripple Baby Blanket!!, so that's what it became. I love when a yarn speaks to me like that. I didn't really use a particular pattern but since there are so many ripple stich crochet patterns out there I'm not going to post it here. Just Google it to find a pattern the size you want. Most patterns have you changing colors but this was self striping yarn so it wasn't necessary.
The Ebay seller I bought the yarn from sells it regularly, I do not know this person and have no ties to him but if you want to buy this yarn click here.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

It is gorgeous, and some mother is going to love wrapping her infant in your blanket. Nice job!