Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just Rambling 5/15/2008

My youngest, my baby, my little boy turns 21 today. There is no way I can be that old. I'm trying to forget my oldest turned 30 last year. Time goes by so quickly!
Don't forget to enter the contest posted below. This is not going to be my only contest and I desperately need ideas for prizes. I'll be drawing the winner next week on my day off (no idea when that will be).
I'm not supposed to be off today, so it's a surprise day off. I don't know when I'll be back home next week as I won't know my schedule until Friday. Since I work as a live-in caregiver when I leave tomorrow to go to work I really won't be home again until my next day off.
Lori from one of my quilting Yahoo Groups sent me a box of orphan quilt blocks. They are awesome, I'm going to work at trying to join some of them into quilts today. Thank you so much Lori.


susaninoregon said...

Contest entry: I find it so much easier to spend money on others instead of myself. As a prize I'd like to have something I wouldn't buy for myself like stitch markers, or a cute measuring tape, or a pair of those really nice small scissors. We have Ben Franklin stores here and I saw a really cool adhesive signs that could have been put into the window of the car that say 'crochet' and 'knit' and they only cost $3.99 and I bought some for my friend but wouldn't spend the money on myself. I'd like to have crochet paraphernalia but won't buy it for myself. Yarn, patterns, and hooks are great but I get these all the time for myself. It's the other little stuff, the accessories, the symbols of our craft that I don't get.

Susan in Oregon

radhika said...

Contest entry:
Some Ideas are
- A pair of ear drops
- Handmade bracelets
- tags for cell phones/bags/ scissors
- Fridge Magnets
- Bookmarkers
- Hair accesories
- Pouches with potpurri
- Small amigurumi stuff
all these things can be made out of wire, beads, knit, crochet.


Carol E. said...

My "baby" is also 21. And my first is 27. It's really hard to believe, because I still feel like I'm about 37. Guess I must have been a reaalllly young mom.