Monday, May 19, 2008

New Contest!

Contest is closed. The winner has been chosen by the most wonderful 7 year old in the world (my grandson) who scientifically guessed a number. I have notified her and am waiting her reply.

A note about prizes first. I received a lot of suggestions for prizes in my last contest and have decided to offer --- All of them!! ---- Just not all at once. Every contest will have between 4 and 6 items for the winner to choose from. This contest will have books because that's what I happen to have right now. I tried to chose a good selection so there will be something to interest everyone. As I wander through various stores etc. I will be on the lookout for things that I think will interest my readers.
The goal of this weeks contest is to add as many links as possible to my Crafter's Favorite Patterns blog.
The Rules:
1. It can be any pattern for any craft, but should be suitable for charity crafting.
2. The pattern has to be free and not a site you have to sign up for to get to the pattern.
3. Although I can't check, it should be something you've tried and liked.
4. You can submit up to 5 links for 5 entries into the contest.
5. Please do not submit links for patterns that are already on the blog. However, if two or more people have submitted the same link before it's been added, they will all get an entry in the contest. Use the link above to check.
The Prizes:
The winner will be able to chose from the following:.
1. The Country Diary Book of Crafts, Annette Mitchell, 100 craft projects, variety of crafts
2. A Little French Pantry, Quilting, cross stitch and some iron-on transfers
3. Four Quilt World issues from the early 80's
4. leaflet Blanket's & Booties, Crochet, 8 baby afghans and booties to match
5. Pure and Simple cook book from Neiman Marcus
6. Treasures from Throwaways 194 projects

To enter leave a comment with your link(s) and e-mail address. I moderate all comments and they will not be seen by anyone but me. Your links though, will mysteriously appear on the other blog.
Privacy: Your email will only be seen by me and only used to contact you if you are the winner. After the winner is chosen all info will be deleted and destroyed.


Sandie said...

Perhaps you could add a section for sites with multiple patterns on one page. My patterns are in pdf and I prefer links to the main page rather than the actual pattern. It is too easy for people to save the pattern and then put it up on their own pages which eliminates visits to my site. Also, I change the names sometimes so the link might change. If you want to do that, you are welcome to link to my pattern page at

As to my other favorite patterns, (I have not successfully completed that one but I think it's beautiful)
And this one is also in my to-do pile
as is this one

Oh that may be more than five, but no matter. If you find them good, add them. I don't need a prize. :-)

LavendarSwan said...

For your contest:
Scroll down to 'Pixies'. I put faces on mine with yarn. They are quick, easy, and so cute.