Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Just Rambling 11/07/07

I did it!! I actually managed to go to WalMart and walk out without any yarn!! Then, I went to our local quilt shop and bought a sewing machine (used of course). Now I am not only going to have to resist the yarn but the fabric, too!!

I'm about halfway through all that brown yarn. I am so sick of looking at browns and tans I can't see straight. But I promised myself I wouldn't work on anything else until I'm finished with it. It got so bad yesterday I couldn't go on. I actually (gasp) watched TV. Today I've thought of a million things to do except work with the brown yarn. I have finished 4 pairs of Manly Man Slippers and am about halfway through a double strand lapghan. I'm kinda, sorta following my never-ending blanket non-pattern but I'm not continuing on to another blanket. Instead I'm using the smaller leftovers of yarn to make squares for point of contact afghans for The Ships Project.

Just a note, the main charity I do work for is Project Linus who provide security blankets to seriously ill and traumatized children. I also collect squares, either crocheted or knitted (and now that I have a sewing machine, quilt blocks) to put together for these kids. If you'd like to help leave a comment with your email address and I will contact you. I do moderate all comments and anything with personal info will not be published on the blog.

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