Friday, November 30, 2007

My December Challenge and How You Can Help

I've decided to challenge myself to make twenty five baby blankets for Project Linus. I was going to make it ten but thought "Why Not?" on the larger number. I don't think it's impossible and will work on it as much as possible this month. I still have some family presents to finish but they are almost done.

I have a good start with all the squares in the picture that just need to be joined, some of them are donated by a woman in one of my Yahoo groups. Which brings us to the how you can help part. If you would like to make squares for me I would be happy to join them for Project Linus blankets. They need to be made out of machine washable yarns and be kid friendly colors. Other than that anything goes, I can find a way to work with anything thats sent. If your interested send me your email address through the comment link. Everything is moderated so I won't publish anything with an email address or other personal info. I will be the only one to see it.

I also have quite a bit of baby yarn and Red Heart Baby Clouds yarn that I can use to make baby blankets. Since the challenge for one of my Yahoo groups Angels Touch Crochet is baby blankets for the month of December it fits right in. So I need to get to work, I'm sort of stranded today because my cars in the shop so it's going to be a great day for crocheting!!

I also need to get my "new" sewing machine fixed again. (sigh) a few pieced blankets would be nice, too.

The pattern for my granny squares can be found here.


Angelika@ Purple Sage Designz said...

Cool blog, Deb, just wanted to pop in and say Hi, beautiful projects, too. Happy crocheting! Angelika

Anonymous said...

How do you want the squares crocheted? Any specific pattern. I crochet a little but have a hard time following patterns.

Deb Upcycles said...

I don't need any specific pattern or size, I can find a way to use them one way or the other.