Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just Rambling 11/29/07

I've been away for work the last three days. I almost finished a hat and scarf set for my son-in-law. Other than that I didn't get a whole lot done. I actually read a book and I feel so guilty for not working on my charity projects. LOL. I did get enough never ending blanket squares done in pastel to start putting them together. I just haven't decided what color to join them with.

I stopped at a thrift store on my way home from work today and bought two small shopping bags full of yarn. One bag was all greens so I'm starting to plan a blanket with them. I can put that on the long list of planned projects. I also have a box of squares that someone sent me to put together. I really need to get work on joining squares for blankets I'm starting to collect quite a few! I guess that will be my next goal!!

Speaking of goals, I belong to a Yahoo group called Bevs-Charity-Challange and what we do is set a goal for the year and then encourage and support one another as we try to reach those goals. I set my goal at 400 for the year and I am now at 385!! Almost there!!

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