Friday, July 17, 2009

Hilary's Girly Girl Hat Free Crochet Pattern

OK, that's not Hilary, that's me, Hilary is much younger and prettier. I also did not make this hat for Hilary, it will be going to some as yet undetermined charity. What I did make for Hilary's mother is this pattern so she could make Hilary this hat. Hilary's mother (aka my cousin Marie) showed me a pattern for a baby hat and wanted to know how to re-size it for an adult. I told her I could do even better, I'd do the whole pattern. She also mentioned that Hilary was a girly girl, hence the name of the hat. So now I'll share the pattern with everyone for free:

You will need 4 ounces of worsted weight yarn and an I hook. If I seem to be using an I hook all the time it's because it's one of the few I can find. Someone told me to blame my cats and they're probably right.

Rd 1: Ch 4 and join, ch 3(counts as first dc here and throughout) 14 dc into loop and join, 15dc made
Rd 2: Ch 3, dc in same st, 2 dc in each stitch and join 30 dc made
Rd 3: Ch 3, *2dc in next dc, dc in next dc, repeat from* around and join 45 dc made
Rd 4: Ch 3, dc in next dc, * 2dc in next dc, dc in next 2 dc, repeat from * around and join 60 dc made
Rd 5 thru 15: ch 3, dc in each dc and join
Rd 16: 4ch (counts as dc and ch 1here and in next row), in same stitch dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, *in next stitch dc, ch1, dc, ch1, dc, ch 1, repeat from * around and join
Rd 17: sl st to first ch 1 space and ch 4, ch 1, *dc in next ch 1 space and ch 1 around and join.

Easy, huh??, Hope Hilary likes her hat!!


Marie said...

You are the best!! Now Hilary will have a matched set to keep her warm...a ruffled scarf, a wrap/shawl and this hat...she will be one warm patient when she has her foot surgery...she is always so cold at the hospital and half the time she wears her danged jacket. I will add this to my project list and it should be done by next weekend!!! A huge thanks and lots of hugs to ya!!

Anonymous said...

Gee. Deb. couldn't you at least smile for us?? LOL!! Great hat! Problem is I don't know anyone that would wear that. Hmmmm.... need to think a little more about it.


Glasgow Lindsay said...

I love the hat! I'm so glad you are back blogging and sharing your patterns and crocheting it got so quite over here and I was missing all your great ideas!

Catherine/Yarncat said...

Pretty hat!Thanks!!

Marie said...

Hilary LOVES her hat!! It looks awesome with the ruffled scarf. Thank you again!!

Laurelei said...

Surfing crochet blogs and happened upon this post like five minutes ago, and I'm still laughing.

Thanks for the giggles, and the truly frilly girly girl pattern. LOL