Friday, April 11, 2008

Stripey Worm Finger Puppets Free Crochet Pattern

These guys are so easy to make I can hardly call it a pattern. This is such a great way to use up all those really small balls of yarn. Even the smallest pieces can be used to embroider the facial features or make the topknot. A lot of charities that deal with children take small gifts like these for the kids so make a bunch and donate them.
Stripey Worms
These are made with worsted weight yarn and a G hook. If you are making more than one stripe with the same yarn do not cut yarn after each round but carry it inside the worm and pick it up again at the next color change. This decreases the amount of ends you need to work in. When to change color is up to you, but if you like the hat look of the middle two change color after third row.
Ch 4 and join
Rd 1: 6 sc in loop and join
Rd 2: 2 sc in each sc and join
Rd 3 - 10 or up to 15: sc in each sc changing colors as the mood strikes you, make as many rounds as you would like, you can make short or long worms like I did above
Last Rd: sc, sc DEC in next two st, 2 sc, sc DEC in next two st, 2sc, sc DEC in next two st, sc and join
Embroider facial features
Topknot: (optional) Use 2 - 4 strands of yarn and attach to top of head as if you were making fringe, trim to the length you would like it and separate strands to fluff them up.
I also have pattern for:


Vashti Braha said...

Love them! Definitely a kid pleaser!

MOLLY said...

This is so funny Deb i made the same thing this morning in my case i was to lazy to gather the top so worked from the top down lol. mine are solid colors.
Molly : O )

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Love the finger puppets! I wish I could be wearing one on each one of my fingers right now! but i am at work :(

See you around on Ravelry!

Laura in Montreal said...

Thank you so much for the finger puppet patterns! These patterns are exactly what I've been looking for. I've been knitting and crocheting little dolls for my husband's aunt and uncle who are missionaries. They take the dolls overseas and pass them out. Your Stripey worm finger puppets are perfect for them to pass out to the multitudes of kids they see. I can easily work up dozens of them at a time and ship off. There will be a lot of very happy little kids overseas with your finger puppets. Thanks again!

Doris Sturm said...

Awww...these are so cute too ;-)

I'll be making those for Halloween instead of giving candy!

Thanks for the pattern.