Monday, April 28, 2008

Baby Bumpy Booties

These booties were designed to match the infants size of my Kid's Bumpy Hat. I have also made a matching sweater.
I used a J hook and a light worsted weight yarn to make the ones in the picture. They came out at about 3 3/4" long.
Ch 3 at beginning of each rd counts as 1 dc
Ch 4 and sl st to form loop.
Rd 1 ch 3 and 13 dc in loop. (12 sts)
Rd 2, 3, 4: ch 3, dc in each dc

Row 1: ch 3, dc in all but the last 2 dc
Row 2 and 3: turn and dc in each dc and end leaving 6 in tail of yarn
Sew back of heel together by using the back loops only

Join yarn at back where it was sewn together
Rd 1: ch 3, 7 dc evenly spaced down side, dc in each dc left open, 7 dc evenly spaced on other side and join
Rd 2: ch 3, dc in each dc
Rd 3: ch 3 and turn, working on wrong side, sc in same stitch as ch 1, *tr in next dc, sc in next dc* and join
Rd 4: turn to work on right side and dc in each stitch


Ch 70 and weave through 1st round of cuff tying in the front


Anonymous said...

When you say you used a light worsted weight yarn, what do you mean by this? Is that a light baby weight yarn like TLC baby?, or is it worsted weight, like red heart super saver yarn? Can you please post an answer on here? O love the pattern for all three items by the way.

Deb Upcycles said...

I think I meant that although it's rated at worsted weight it's not as thick as some are.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb:
I've finished the sweater and hat and now doing the booties. However, I'm confused about the heel. Rounds 2&3 have me stumped!
Do I turn the bootie for these rounds? Do you have any pics for the heel? How do I leave 6 DC's?
PLEASE, I'm almost there...HELP.

Deb Upcycles said...

Yes you turn it at the end of each row. You do not leave 6 DC you leave a 6" tail of yarn to sew up the back of the heel. Hope this helps.

Suzetta said...

Is bootie worked on 14 sts? At the end of round 1 it says 12 sts, but instructions look like there are 14 sts.