Saturday, February 21, 2009

Make A Blanket Day

This is Project Linus' Make A Blanket Day. My Chapter (St Louis) has something going on at a Hancock Fabrics down in the city but I won't be going. Instead I'm staying home and working on squares and a blanket. Are you participating? Please take a minute and leave a comment to tell us about it. Also if you don't feel up to making a blanket, I'm collecting squares to join into blankets. See the post below this one.
I didn't make this blanket today but I did finish (and about 5 others like it) it by tucking in the ends. They are all just one large never ending blanket square made very large. The yarn I used was Red Heart Baby Clouds. The blanket is sooo soft.
I am also working on another blanket today in peach and white. That one will be made from 9 squares and I'll show it to you after I'm done.


Mary Johnson said...

I probably won't be working today on a quilt for Project Linus but I do do have a few in progress.

Ghost said...

Really nice and very fast too.

Scarlet said...

That is so pretty. I'm gonna try and make one go and one.