Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Resistance is so Low

I had to go to WalMart today to buy some googly eyes for finger puppets. I swore I wasn't going to buy any more yarn. I really did, I don't need anymore yarn, I've been trying to do some serious stash busting. Odds and ends of partial skeins and small balls have literally taken over my craft room, it's getting difficult to walk among all the boxes of yarn in there. Every drawer and shelf is full of yarn and fabric. I have bins and boxes and bags full of supplies. So I really don't need any more, BUT I have this project coming up to make scarves for victims of sexual assault and abuse and needed something really soft for that. I don't really like working with Lion's Brand Homespun but I love how it feels so I just had to buy a skein for that project. I bought a really nice blue and lavender variegated that I think will be perfect. Warmth isn't a factor for this project so I'm looking forward to doing some scarves that are different from what I usually make. If you would like to help the links are below.

Threads of Compassion

Woven Lotus

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