Sunday, March 23, 2008

My First Ever Finger Puppet

Ok, it's a bit blurry but you try holding something up with one hand and taking a picture of it with the other. I took four pictures and this was the best. The challenge in the CraftingForACause Yahoo group is to make finger puppets for children undergoing cancer treatment and this handsome dragon is my first attempt. Although I didn't follow it exactly and my dragons ears are a bit lopsided the pattern can be found here. On the same page you can also find the knight, his white charger and the poor damsel in distress.


Anonymous said...

So the ears are loopsided - that means he is not quite healthy - considering he goes to children undergoing cancer treatment - quite fitting, I would say. Nice Job Deb,


MOLLY said...

Its so cute Deb.
Molly : O )

Anonymous said...

This is adorable. I love dragons