Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Challenge 7 down 18 to go

My personal challenge for the month of Dec. is to make 25 blankets for charity. I originally said they were all going to Project Linus but then I remembered that one of my Yahoo groups All Crafts for Charity was working on things for the Baby Pack Project so I will be designating some of them for that project.
Anyway, I was gone on a work assignment for six days, I'm a caregiver to the elderly, it was only supposed to be three. I have a lot of time to crochet while the client is sleeping, watching TV etc. so I was able to get seven blankets done towards my goal.
The first picture is two blankets made with donated squares. Thank you so much Linda for the squares, I still have enough for another blanket!!
The second picture (I know it's blurry but I think that's because of the yarn) is four blankets made out of Red Heart Baby Clouds yarn. These go so quickly, I use a size N crochet hook and just make a large granny square (square pattern here) changing color whenever I get the urge. It usually takes 2 1/2 to 3 skeins of yarn. My WalMart had this on clearance and I bought a lot of it, but this just about used it up.
The color combo in the third picture is just because I finished all the projects I had taken with me because it was 6 days not 3 and this was all I had with me. I think it came out pretty good anyway!

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Anonymous said...

Your blankets turned out beautiful. You and all the others are so awesome to donate your time and hard work for these charities and children.