Friday, December 14, 2007

4 More Blankets Done - 14 to go

I'm really beginning to wonder if I'm going to make it, I have so many other things I need to do. I need to step it up. I have another quilt top in the works and still need to finish the top I made last week before I can count it.

The blankets are:
top left; Another one finished using donated squares from Linda. That makes three I was able to finish with one small box of donated squares. Thanks again Linda.
top right; A never-ending-blanket in pastel
bottom left; This one I made using a yellow and white self-striping baby yarn with the awful yellow yarn I bought some months ago. The green cast to the yarn isn't noticable in the finished blanket and the striping of the other yarn is more subtle (and I think very pretty) than the striping yarn on it's own.
bottom right; I liked the effect of the yellow so much I combined two different shades of pink with a pink and purple self striping yarn for the forth blanket.

To read more about my December challenge go here.

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Susan said...

love your charity projects! how do you get so many projects finished?