Friday, April 23, 2010

Ummm.... HELP!! (Re: Local Needs)

Oh my, what have I done, what have I done?? LOL I stopped at several more places (it's actually part of my job and while I'm there anyway...) asking about their needs and now I think I'm stretching it a little too thin. You should have seen the administrators and social workers eyes light up when I told them what I wanted to do. So now I and my two neophyte crafters have two nursing homes, a residential care facility and two hospices to craft for. I left my number for the responsible person at another nursing home and another hospice and am waiting to hear from them about their needs.

Anyway the list of needs haven't changed much but it has expanded, if you could please take the time to make a few squares or a tote I would sure appreciate it.

We need:
6" or 12" squares for lapghans (may also be used for Project Linus blankets), if you have some of other sizes I will also take them.

Lapghans, lap robes or blankets A good size for lapghans is about 3' X 4' or somewhere in that vicinity.

**Wheelchair or walker totes** (This is what really made their eyes light up) Here's some links to patterns.

Activity aprons (see this post)

Summer weight Chemo Caps

The residential care facility asked for hats, scarves and mittens for next winter.

One nursing home also asked for items that could be sold in their Country Store, the proceeds go to their activity fund.


Doris Sturm said...

I think I have already commited to some summer chemo caps, but I can't send them till the first part of May (as I have no money for postage right now)...

You are very kind to help so much!

Bunny said...

Good morning Alma. I have some some 12" squares I had made at home that I will send to you when I send the wheelchair totes. I forget how many are there. I will also double check to make sure they are 12". Have a good weekend! :o)

Esther said...

What size lapghan are you wanting?
Also do you have any links to patterns for wheelchair totes?

Deb Upcycles said...

Esther, I updated the post to answer your questions.

Marie said...

Deb- email me or send via face book your address,(I misplaced my address book) I will see what I can send...maybe a wheel chair tote or two...I want to try the plastic bag one and I will dig through the fabric I have and see if I have anything appropriate. Steven is on strike so I am limited to materials on hand. Hilary will pitch in, not sure if it will be a tote or some squares. You are a great lady, cuz!!!!