Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Quick Note

Unfortunately my crochet funk is still going on, I did manage to get a couple squares done here and there. I've got projects with deadlines so I have to pull myself out of it.
The deadline for the current Afghans 4 Afghans campaign is May 15 so I have to get to work on the baby blanket I'm making. I ordered the yarn specifically for this project and I'm almost done, but just can't seem to work on it for more than a few minutes at a time.
I'm also trying to get some squares done for my All Crafts 4 Charity Yahoo group in baby colors this month. Like I said I've got a couple done but that's all.
I'm also in the middle of a kids blanket for my local Project Linus.
All of these projects are in bags in my craft room just waiting for me to get back to work. I've been sick this week and have barely managed to drag myself back and forth to work. I'm just staying home this weekend and (hopefully) crocheting. Or maybe I'll get some sewing done, haven't done much of that lately either.


Doug and LuAnne said...

Deb I hope you are feeling better this week:) hugs luAnne

Anonymous said...

I just finished the little sweater and it was so easy and fast. However, do you have guidelines for making larger sizes? Would love to make this for toddlers. Keep up the good work. You're awesome.