Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Swing Set for the School

The next project for the soldiers in Kosovo, after building a woodshed and painting the school, is to build a swing set for the school house. The problem is they can't get the nuts and bolts they need in Kosovo. Dave and several others who will be going back to Kosovo carrying the nuts and bolts they need for this project. So Dave will be taking nuts, bolts, hats and scarves back with him. Everything he can't take back with him we will be mailing. The post office has a special rate for Priority Flat Rate boxes that are going to our military members overseas so we will be seeing just how many hats and scarves we can stuff into a box! We are hoping that we will have another POC after Dave has come home so we can continue to send things over for the school.


Kathleen said...

A note of caution. Before you seal the flat rate box, be sure that the weight is met. I have found that it is sometimes cheaper to send regular priority than flat rate. So, I make sure my regular priority cost would be greater than my flat rate cost.

Now, if you are sending nuts and bolts, I'm pretty sure the flat rate box of those would be well worth it. But the number of hats that can fill a flat rate box may be sent cheaper in the priority tyvek envelopes or even the bigger, non-flat rate priority box!

Mine contributions were mailed yesterday. You should get them tomorrow or Thursday!

Deb Upcycles said...

Kathleen, we have a postage meter at work, so we will be able to make sure we aren't spending too much.