Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Problem with Stash Busting

The idea of stash busting is to use up the whole skein of a particular yarn. I don't usually do that, especially making smaller things like hats. I'll make one or two and then make more in other colors. So anyway, I pulled out two skeins of Bernat Sweet Stripes in green and blue and decided to use them up. I'm still not done and this is what I have so far. It's a sport weight baby yarn and it's almost like a magic yarn that just keeps going and going and going. These aren't the only skeins I'm working on, I have to have some variety or I would go nuts, but I am really tired of looking at these colors. LOL


Mary Johnson said...

Yep, I have yarn that needs to be used up too. I'm in the middle of a prayer shawl and your post reminds me that I need to get back to knitting it.

Helen in the UK said...

I feel for you on the 'tired of these colours' front. I really like variety too. But you have 4 heads warmed already with these wonderful hats. Keep up the good work ... you WILL get to the end of that yarn EVENTUALLY :)

smariek said...

Oh, I've been there too. I had an endless skein of yarn which I used for chemo caps, and I got so sick of the colorway. Still have some of it left too.