Monday, June 9, 2008

Stuff from My Trunk

Since I do in-home live-in care for the elderly, most of my crocheting is done away from home, I have this really bad habit of putting partially finished projects in the trunk of my car and going on to something else. This time while I was at work I forced myself to finish all of them. I didn't make it since I still have two baby blankets partially done still in there.
So far I have finished two blankets, one made from donated squares for a special project for All_Crafts_4_Charity, seven preemie hats and a baby sweater that just needed the ends worked in for Cooper Hospital, four dishcloths and three scrubbies for a battered women's shelter and two finger puppets that were made for the CraftingForACause April and May challenge that didn't get sent in with the others.

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Scarlet said...

It must feel great to have all those things finished. What an accomplishment. You go girl!! I love your work and reading your blog.