Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pukey Yellow Yarn

On my last yarn safari I came across a large bag of yellow yarn. The label said it was baby yellow but it has a greenish cast to it that makes it look sickly. Now I have nine skeins of this stuff and am wondering if anyone has any bright (or brightening) ideas.

Think I can dye it somehow?? How about tie-dyed yarn?

BTW it's 2 ply sports weight 100% acrylic


dragon knitter said...

no way to dye acrylic. not even commercial dyes. however, if you strand it along with something else, it can change how it looks. give it a shot!

i made several items for caps for kids with a wild redheart colorway that was red, pink, orange and yellow, and i doublestranded it with some baby pink yarn, and it toned it down immensely.

Alipurr said...

i agree with dragonknitter, try it together with color, crocheting with 2 strands might end up to be amazing