Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reader's Projects Wash Cloths!

This weeks reader's projects are all wash and dish clothes! The crafter who made this dishcloth had forgotten all about it, when I asked if I could use the picture she told me I must be mistaken. I had to give her the link to her own picture! This is a gorgeous example of my Deb's Flower Dishcloth pattern. I absolutely love the colors!

A friend of mine made this Deb's V-Stich Granny Dishcloth. Vicki is a fellow charity crafter from the Crafting for a Cause Yahoo group!

The crafter who made this one said this about the Round Baby Washcloth with Picots:
Thank you for contacting me! I just started crocheting, and making wash cloths was a great way to practice new stitches and different techniques. The best part is the immediate gratification of a pretty item, in little time!
My sister-in-law was looking for washcloths for her new baby girl. I looked for interesting patterns and found yours. I’m still learning about gauge and hooks, so the washcloth might be smaller than originally planned, but it’s perfect for a baby’s bottom!

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Glasgow Lindsay said...

I love that crocheter's version of your flowered dishcloth pattern! What a good pattern I might even manage to make one of those one day it would be fun to be able to crochet face cloths?!