Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just Rambling 10/30/07

I started sorting out some of my yarn yesterday. I had gone to a place called Leftovers and bought a bunch of grape boxes and its working out great for some of the smaller skiens and is perfect for a few balls of fun fur or small bits of other yarn.

Leftovers is store that collects ummm... well trash and then recycles it for craft projects and other stuff. Teachers and Scout leaders use it a lot. People take things like egg cartons, plastic boxes, odds and ends of craft supplies, yarn, even whole craft kits, magazines and more. They sell the stuff by the bag full for a nominal price. I've heard of other places like this in other areas so check to see if you have one near you.

I just finished another fun fur scarf. Now I need someone to model it so I can post a picture. I sent the other ones out for kids in a homeless shelter before I wrote that post, so I didn't have one to take a picture of. I'm going to make a couple more and they will be going to the Pine Ridge Reservation. I hope they're warm enough. It gets pretty cold in South Dakota. I'm also working on some slippers and other stuff, I really can't stay focused on one thing but that's ok because there are so many things needed and it's kind of fun making different things.


Kathleen said...

If you want to use the Fun Fur for scarves, you might carry along another strand of a dk or worsted with it. I have found that Fun fur is fun - but it really isn't warm. of course, it is warmer than having nothing in case you don't have any other yarn to carry along with it. I don't want to dissuade you, just offering my opinion.

Deb Upcycles said...

Kathleen, I meant to put the link in to my pattern. That's exactly what I do. I guess I'll have to work on getting it cross linked.