Sunday, October 14, 2007

Introduction and other stuff

I have been knitting and crocheting since I was a teenager. I can also do other needle crafts such as embroidery, cross stich , needlepoint and quilting. My favorite, though is crocheting. Something about the soothing rhythm of the hook going in and out I guess. I hadn't done anything in ages though and then one night when I was watching the news they had a piece on Project Linus. As I watched them give out the handmade blankets I was thinking "I could do that" So I did, I ran to Walmart (OK, so I drove the car, running just sounds more urgent) and bought the brightest colored yarn they had and started making blankets. Since then I've branched out a bit and have now made infants hats and booties, hats and scarves for homeless teenagers, squares for afghans for the Ships Project, and have just started on some chemo caps for cancer patients. I am going to use this blog to inform others of these programs and also give you links where you might find free patterns and such for your projects. It's going to take awhile since my job takes me away from home a lot, so consider this a work in progress.

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