Friday, December 14, 2007

Just Rambling 12/14/07

I just got home from a four day live-in and only brought home four finished blankets. I'm falling behind in my goal or this month. I'm also running short on suitable yarn for baby blankets, I've been working a lot and haven't had time to go on any Yarn safaris lately. I hate to have to go to Wally World to buy yarn. I'll be posting the pics of the ones I finished later today.
Thing 2 is trying very hard to help here, I think she missed me but it's very difficult to type with a cat trying to push her head under my hand. This is my only time off this week. I need to do some Christmas shopping. Most of my gifts are handmade, but I wanted to augment them with a few goodies. I also want to make recyclable bags for wrapping presents rather than adding to the landfill problems. I'll probably be working on that today. OK, the things need attention so I'm going to go for now. Will be posting more in a little bit.

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