Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blog Backgrounds?? Let's make it a Contest!!

I love the new background I downloaded for my Deb's Blog Contests blog. It's kind of crafty and it just fits. With a little work with the header and the colors I think it looks, clean uncluttered and cute.
So I decided to find one for this blog, my Deb's Going Green blog, and my Deb Cooks blog (both of which I intend to start posting to on a regular basis again). I couldn't find anything I liked!! I need help, I want the backgrounds to be somewhat themed, not just flowers or shapes, I'd like something like yarn for this one, healthy food for the cooking one and maybe something crafty and green for the going greeen one.
Halfway through writing this post I decided to make it a contest, so please help me find a background, make a suggestion on how I could improve any of my blogs or just tell me what you would like to put on it if it was your blog, I need some serious help here!!
I will use one of my private random # generators (I call them my grandsons, I just call and have them guess a number) to chose the winner. Entries will close at midnight September 18, 2009. The winner will be chosen that weekend.
Wow, I almost forgot the prize, I need to destash so I will fill a flat rate box with as much yarn and/or fabric (your choice) as I can get into it!


Aimee said...

Hmm. Little round balls of yarn with a cream background, for Deb Cooks, how about fresh veggies & for Going Green a sky blue background w/ clouds? Hope you find something that works!

Sue Cahill said...

How about crafting tools for this blog, scissors, thread, rulers, rotary cutters, etc. I love bright clear colors on white, very catchy.

For Deb Cooks I would suggest kitchen tools, kind of a theme here.
And for Going Green maybe garden tools.

Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Turtle said...

for this one i also agree with a closeup of yarn and needles or some fabric with scissors, for going green i would do a close up of a recycling symbol or even grass and rocks or a bird feeder or garden harvest, for cooking i liks a close up of assorted pasta or grains, beans with a wooden spoon. have fun with it!

StephCat said...

I always like yarn close ups too.

Take some pics at your local FM to make the cooking blog background.

Going green: maybe some handlettered (a la the buy handmade page) tags/banners?

Kim said...

I usually manage to find something over at although it takes time to go through all of them.

A decent food one is....

Verde metal is pretty cool for a green background.

I've found a few templates at They have a lot of nature themed ones that might do well for your going green blog.

A crafting one has been hard to find and one of the reasons why I haven't branched out into it yet. Although btemplate has a lot of artsy ones to choose from.

Kristen said...

My recommendation for all of them is to keep the background behind the text very plain. Limit any patterns etc to the borders and the header. Sometimes patterning behind the letters makes it really hard to read a blog and I tend to just move on to a different one. But use color and include lots of photos.

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

For the cooking blog I think either bundles of herbs or if you could find something with antique stoves would be cute.

For the Going Green blog, I like either a rainforest or the Earth from space.

For this blog if you could find the lettters to spell out Deb's Crafts but each one in a different craft - Crochet, Knit, Needlepoint, Painted, Woodblock, Papercraft, etc. Whatever crafts you'd like to reperesent.

Good luck finding something ou like and Thanks for the contest!

The Fam said...

Folded stacks of color coded fabric is very easy on the eyes, it is clean and lends itself to viewing text overlayed. I'm sure you have numerous photo opportunities for this!

Anonymous said...

I like the last idea. The folds of fabric, maybe you can alternate fabric with swatches of lace, etc.
munkiknits At

katerina said...

Love the crocheted blanket - it does look very nice!

For the Deb's GG blog - I think you could edit some of your most recent botanical garden pics to make some really nice backgrounds - otherwise - do you have anything you've made from recycled/reused patterns that you could use?

for deb Cooks, I'd say grab some pretty squash, and other veggies that you're going to use and lay them out - the fall colors right now would be great together!
Good luck and I can't wait to see what you choose!

TripletMom said...

How about a close up of a subtly variegated yarn in your favorite color.

For Deb Cooks I like fall colored veggies, ie squash, pumpkin, etc...

For Going Green I like hand lettering on one of fabulous hand made recycled papers.


Unknown said...

I found your blog through Ravelry and really found your posts to be quite interesting.
Up til this afternoon I was using the same template as you. The only advice I can give you is more photos. People like more photos it seems, some eye catching ones to keep their interest.

The Lee Family said...

How fun it has been to wander through your blog :)

I suggest bold colours - maybe deep purple or rust red for the knitting blog - photos of yarn in those colours (especially for fall and winter - maybe switch to lighter colours in the spring/summer)

for "Deb Cook", I would use warm colours - browns, burnt orange, etc. It gives an earthy, homey feeling to a space (or blog)

For "going green" - your name says it all, so I'd forgo the typical recycle symbols, and pick something that is very green - like a close up of blades of grass, leaves, dew on plant/leaf/grass, or a white background with large green spots, or something like that... alternately, sand (or green moss) with footprints in it (how big of a footprint is your family leaving on the earth?)

I look forward to seeing what you come up with -- looks like you've gotten some other great ideas, too!

oh, and thanks for the blog contest!

crochetgurl said...


I've always been a fan of beautiful yarn skein pictures with the macro setting on. Make the focus on the center and try to blur the background.

If you want to mix your food blog with yarn, perhaps arrange the yarn in bowls? Knitpicks has this really cool wallpaper where they have gorgeous, round balls of yarn on ice cream cones. :-)

Hope you find your perfect background and thanks for letting me enter the contest!

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