Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On Their Way to Kosovo!!

Dave and all the donations are on their way to Kosovo! They had a short layover in Germany which is where they are right now and will soon be flying to Kosovo. Here's some pics of the last four donations: Chris in Utah sent these great crocheted scarves!!

K. P. in Michagan sent a couple knit hats and some school supplies.

These neat knit hats and awesome scarf are from Cindy in Florida!

And this great collection of hats, with a pair of mittens and a neck warmer come from Susan in CA.


Melissa said...

Those look great! I hope that after the holidays I can whip up a few hats to send your direction. Do you take acrylic knits or only wool?

Deb Upcycles said...

We're taking both.

Scarlet said...

WOW, Look at all the goodies. It sure will put some smiles on their faces.

I have to get you some things sent right after the first. I do have a box started for you.