Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter...

... to all my readers who celebrate it. I'm rather impatiantly waiting for the last of my children to show up. That's my daughter and her family. Everyone else is here, the hams in the oven and her brothers are playing video games. The grandbabies (who aren't babies anymore) love playing games with their uncles. My six foot tall baby of the family is going through my cabinets for some reason that I can't fathom.

It's so good to have all three of my kids here at the same time. It happens so rarely. My boys are both in college and between their classes and jobs it's hard to arrange times like this. My daughter lives about three blocks from me which is great, I get to see the grands frequently.

Well, my daughter and her family just showed up, so again Happy Easter and let me know by clicking on the comment below how your Easter went.

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