Saturday, March 29, 2008


The comfort-ghan I've been working on is finally done! It was a project I was doing for my Yahoo group All Crafts 4 Charity. Many from the group sent me squares and I joined them together. It wasa real learning experience working with different patterns, guages ect. Some of the squares are also knitted.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Great job!

Nancy said...

Nice job, Deb!

I'm in AC4C, too. Isn't it fun to work on projects and help others with your talents?

Keep up the good work

pinkangel said...

Boy does that look good!!!! You did a great job joining it.

Loves Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hey Deb
I also crochet for charity. I have never joined squares from other people before and I bet it can be challenging sometimes trying to get things to match and still lay flat. You did a great job on this comfort-ghan. Keep up the good work!
Shar in Va. Beach, VA soon to be Clinton, MO.