Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Readers Projects: Newborn Sweater Set

I decided it was about time to show everybody some of the great projects made out of my patterns. I asked these ladies if I could use their pictures and if they could tell me a little about themselves and who the sweater set was made for. This is my Newborn Sweater Set pattern which I first put on my blog back in January of 2008. I plan to do this on a regular basis. If you've made one of my patterns, send a picture and a little bit about yourself and who the item was intended for. Send it to debsstuff55 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

My name is Julie im an Aussie, its the first piece of clothing i made, other than scarfs, i made it because it was worded clearly and as a beginner i could understand, Keep in mind i was translating UK terms to US as well.. i gave it to my husbands cousin for her little girl Cooper.

Your sweet sweater set was intended for an unknown baby in the Tulsa area. I sew, knit, and crochet baby items for Newborns In Need, and belong to the easter OK chapter of NIN. All of our items go to area hospitals, medical centers, crisis centers, etc. and a couple local cemetaries that try to provide for the bereaved. The biggest concern for NIN is the vast number of preemies born that require special sizes of caps, booties, gowns, mittens, isolette mattress covers, etc. and unfortunately, also burial layettes. There is also a huge demand for the healthy, but needy newborns - they require receiving blankets, quilts, sweater sets, going-home outfits, diaper bags - and everything that goes in them! Everything we make for NIN is on a volunteer basis and the cost comes out of our pockets - unless we’re lucky enough to get donations! I am always looking for free patterns that will make up quickly, as “quantity” is of the essence - but I don’t want to sacrifice “quality” - and your pattern is just the ticket! On a personal note, I am a 66 yr old gramma of 3; spend my days babysitting all 3, making things for NIN, and creating knitted items for myself and gifts - shawls being my favorite!

My name is Kellie and I was born and bred in the suburbs of New Orleans. Like nearly all true south Louisiana families, my family loves to follow LSU sports!! So, I am always on the lookout for cute patterns that easily incorporate multiple colors for team-themed gifts. When I got my invitation to my cousin's baby shower, I knew she would love a baby girl gift with Tiger flair!! I made this sweater set using the newborn sweater pattern and using Red Heart yarn in amethyst and gold. My only alteration to the pattern was to add "LSU" to the hat by making three scrochet chains and sewing them on to make the letters. It was super quick and easy so I have this pattern tagged in my notes for future use!!


JustCindy said...

Everyone did a beautiful job using your patterns.

Melissa said...

Where can I find Kellie's pattern for the LSU baby set? My husband's side of the family are LSU fans.

Deb Upcycles said...

Melissa, The pattern is mine and the link is in the post, also Kellie explains that she choose LSU colors and then used 3 crocheted chains and sewed them on to make the LSU.