Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thumbs Up Scarf

Boy, the color on that came out bad, it's supposed to be redder but I tried several times and that's the best I could get. My son gave me his old digital camera and I have to figure it out some day instead of using my cell phone.
Anyway, I finally managed to finish a larger project!! I did it a couple rows at a time, picking it up, doing some until it became uncomfortable, and putting it down, several times a day.
Why do I call it a Thumbs Up Scarf? Because when I work on my projects I always picture the child who might receive it. It doesn't really matter that the child doesn't look anything like the one I pictured or even if I pictured a girl and a boy was the final recipient. The images in my mind help keep me motivated and that's what counts. Anyway, back to the scarf, for a change I actually have a picture of some of the children who might be getting this scarf and the other things I and some of my readers are making. While I was working on this scarf I kept picturing the little boy in the second picture below who is giving the thumbs up sign to someone off camera. I will be making a matching hat for it as soon as I finish the one I have on the loom for the little boy in the front with the yellow coat.
Please, if you have a little bit of extra yarn and time can you help me make hats, scarves and mittens for these children? Just email me at debsstuff55 (at) Yahoo (dot) com if you can help.

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