Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Practicing My Crocheting

I've been getting so frustrated trying to crochet, I decided to work on some really small things for awhile. In my Crafting For a Cause Yahoo group there are two ladies that do some really awesome things with small crocheted pieces. One collects yo-yo's (small crocheted circles) to make afghans. That's pretty easy, it's just 16 dc onto a loop. The other lady uses granny's daughter's (also called saltines) to make gorgeous shawls. All these are is the first two rows of a granny square.

I figure if I keep it small I can at least complete something in the five or ten minutes it takes before my hand starts bothering me too much. So I've set my goal for this week at finishing at least one of each every day. Wish me luck and maybe I can increase it next week!


Helen in the UK said...

It's good to have a small goal that is achieveable. At least you know your small creations will be put to great use by your crafting friends and you continue to contribute, even in a small way :)

Turtle said...

hey deb, i have had your other site bookmarked but not seen you post since august. hoped all was ok!! glad to see your still here!