Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just Rambling 1/15/08

A lot of things going on today. First I have some thank yous for donations;

To Nancy D. who sent me some squares she found at a yard sale, Thank you so much, I'm already planning the blankie!

To Lady M. who set out to break the record on how many squares you can fit into a flat rate box (60) Thanks!! I especially like the pastel varigated ones and they'll be the first I use.

To Chandra in IL, who sent a box of yarn, again Thank you very much, some of it will really help with the Baby Pack Project and I can use the wool for squares I'm making.

I'm making some squares for a project we're working on in Bevs-Charity-Challenge, since they'll take wool I decided to use up the wool I have making 6" squares for this project.

I've been working very hard on sweater sets for The Baby Pack Project and have a eight complete sets done. I also have more hats and another set that needs ties and ends tucked in.

Another group I'm in, CraftingForACause issued a challenge for warm scarves for Pine Ridge Reservation. So I'm going to add 12 scarves by the end of February to my goal list.

That's all for now, I'll be posting pictures of my sweater sets in a little bit.

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LadyM said...

LOL, I knew I could fit them 'cause I've done it before !!
I'll keep doing squares for you once the "mini challenge" is done, too.... :)